Personal Bankruptcy — A Way Out

Many people imagine bankruptcy to be synonymous with failure — that is, if a person declares bankruptcy, he or she must have somehow failed in his or her professional life. The truth is, however, that financial difficulties can happen to anyone. A sudden accident or illness can lead to unexpected medical bills, for example, or the loss of a job can quickly put a consumer behind on his or her credit card bills.

Fortunately, when people get into these difficult situations, there are options available for them to get back out. Our country’s bankruptcy laws are designed specifically to help consumers eliminate their debt and escape the stress and worry brought on by creditors.

What Does Bankruptcy Do?

There are several different types of bankruptcy that an individual consumer can qualify for. No matter which one you use, however, they all accomplish basically the same goal.

First and foremost, bankruptcy eliminates all the consumer’s debts, with some exceptions. Those exceptions include items such as student loan debt, certain taxes, debt related to certain criminal penalties and child support debt. Most other obligations, such as credit card debt or medical bills, will be completely eliminated through personal bankruptcy.

Secondly, declaring bankruptcy stops all debt collection activities immediately. Once you declare bankruptcy, creditors can no longer call you. Foreclosure actions against you are frozen in place. All of a sudden, you will find that the phone is no longer ringing at all hours of the day. You will have the time you need to slow down and work your way through your financial situation.

Bankruptcy Help For Kansas And Missouri

Kansas City residents who are seeking legal advice can look to KC bankruptcy attorney Tracy L. Robinson for professional and experienced assistance. Our bankruptcy firm is dedicated to helping people receive the legal advice they need to successfully resolve their financial troubles. Our lawyers have experience working with all types of bankruptcy, including the most common filings, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

We can also assist clients with issues that may have arisen with abusive debt collectors or with credit reporting errors. In these cases, clients may be entitled to compensation for the emotional or financial harm that they have suffered.

Contact A Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney

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