Free Credit Analysis

For almost 10 years, The Law Offices of Tracy L. Robinson has offered a free service to all recently discharged debtors to help protect the fresh start you deserve, regardless if you filed your bankruptcy with us or another firm.  And with COVID-19, we are doing the free credit repair by phone!  Plus, flexible evening and weekend hours to accommodate you!

Often after bankruptcy, creditors continue collection efforts by improperly reporting negative information on your credit reports.  Credit reports are used by employers, landlords, utility providers, and insurers. Despite their importance, errors are estimated to damage 35% of all credit reports! These errors lower your credit score and can lead to higher interest rates, higher insurance premiums and difficulty getting loans for a house or car.

Having filed bankruptcy, you are a “high risk” target of abusive creditors.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows us to enforce your rights forcing your creditors to fix all reporting errors, pay attorney fees, and in some cases even pay you money damages.   We pull a credit report from each of the “Big 3” credit bureaus:  Equifax, Experian and Trans Union, review for errors, send disputes to the bureaus to correct any errors, and give you tips on how to rebuild your credit and get back on track!

ATTENTION: In a significant number of cases, our clients receive money damages totaling more than it even cost them to file their bankruptcy.  It is a no-lose situation – This service is at no cost to you!

Please contact the attorney for more information.